Tbilisi is an old city and rich with traditions, it positively perceives any modernity, only in case if it does not break its tradition.

If you love Tbilisi, in fact, you do not inculcate a strange and ugly object in it, especially when it is regarding to the city center.

Where "electronic lanterns is glowing, electronic balls are floating along the Chelyuskintsev Bridge and the magnificent embankment" (Konstantin Gamsakhurdia – “The Right Hand of the Grand Master”), we build a traditional, Tbilisi, but modern and comfortable house. The house will have a distinctive mark - the big clock at the top of the house, which will give a distinctive feature and independence from the official address. It's nice when the question "Where do you live?" - You can answer only by three words: in the house with the clock at the embankment, and most importantly, you know that after these words none of Tbilisi citizen will need the further explanation!

To live in a beautiful, comfortable, and most importantly, in a distinctive house - in the house with the clock at the embankment!
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